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School Tours + Studios:

incite Foundation School Tours

The Discovery Tour
Students will tour several exhibitions, including selections of Canadian, European and Contemporary exhibitions, discussing ways that artists in different times and places interpret themes and ideas, and navigate through materials and ideas. Tour content balances technical, stylistic and anecdotal information, visual description, the elements and principles of design and visual literacy skills in interpreting the meaning, context and message of works of art. Tours are grade-appropriate, allowing students to discover information in a friendly and safe environment.

Custom Tours
If your class has specific interest, please discuss this when booking your visit. We can plan a more focused tour, spending more time in fewer exhibitions to develop students’ experience in an in-depth program. If you wish to have students complete a written assignment, it is best to plan for additional time after a tour for completion.

Independent Work
As you will not necessarily see everything on display during your tour, you may plan for students to enjoy free time in the Gallery after scheduled activities. Students may work independently in the Gallery after 11:00 am. Please review the Gallery Rules and Expected Behaviour with students before you arrive.

Morning visits begin at 9:30 am, afternoon visits begin at 1:30 pm.
A Tour ONLY visit is approximately ONE hour.
A Tour+Studio workshop is approximately TWO hours.
AGH Docents will greet you in the Reception Area.

Download the2016 PRE-tour Planner (PDF)

BMO Studio Workshops
An hour-long hands-on studio activity complements your tour, to make a complete two-hour Gallery experience - available Tuesday through Friday, morning or afternoon sessions.

Drawing in the Gallery
Studio Drawing
Collage & Mixed Media
Clay Sculpture

Especially for Secondary Students:
Life Drawing
Silk Screen T-shirt Printing
Advanced Studies in Painting or Printmaking

If you are interested in something special, please ask about these and other custom-designed studio options.

DOWNLOAD the PRE-tour Planner provided and use them to prepare for your Gallery experience. These are a starting point and should be adjusted to suit your grade and interests. During your tour, students will be able to share their ideas, and these questions and activities will give them things to think about. Remember, you might not have time to see all of these exhibitions, so be sure to tell us what you’d like to see. Also, please review below our Gallery Rules & Expected Behaviour with your class before your visit.

*For descriptions about current and upcoming exhibitions, click here.

Booking Information

Tour ONLY: $6.00 per student
Tour+Studio: $7.00 per student

TO BOOK YOUR VISIT, please contact the Laurie Kilgour-Walsh, Educator, at 905-527-6610 ext. 272, or e-mail laurie@artgalleryofhamilton.com.

What we need to know:
  • the date and time you wish to visit; the grade and approximate number of students
  • the kind of program you are interested in (Tour ONLY or Tour+Studio and what studio?)
  • any special information - accessibility needs, special interests or the like
  • would you like an invoice?

    program Fees:
    Tour ONLY $6.00 each OR Tour + Studio $7.00 each (minimum 16). Extended Studio programs are also available - pricing is based on program choices. You will be charged for the number of students who attend (over the minimum requirement). If attendance changes from your original booking please notify AGH as soon as possible.

    program Times:
    Please plan for at least ONE hour for a Tour, or TWO hours for a Tour+Studio. Mornings are 9:30 am - 11:30 am, Afternoons are 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. These times are flexible if you need to adjust them.

    Please ensure that there is ONE Adult Supervisor for every 15 students (there is no charge for extra teachers or adult supervisors).


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