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Teacher Resources

The Education department at the Art Gallery fo Hamilton wants you to have the best possible visit with your class. To get started, please review the resources below (downloadable PDFs).

2016-2017 AGH Incite School Program Brochure

Field Trip Planner

Teachers of Students with Disabilities

If you have any questions, contact Laurie Kilgour-Walsh, Educator, at laurie@artgalleryofhamilton.com or 905-527-6610 ext. 272.

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Gallery Rules & Expected Behavior

To ensure your group has the best possible visit, it is important that students understand appropriate behaviour. The Docent (volunteer tour guide) is there to guide your students through an exploration of the Gallery and will look to you and your parent volunteers to manage your students’ behavior and discipline.

In preparation for your visit, please discuss these important rules with your class:
  • Do not touch the artwork. Do not lean against walls or sculpture stands.
  • During a Gallery tour, only one person speaks at a time –it is always important to listen when someone else is speaking.
  • ALL students’ purses, bags, coats etc. are to be left in the cloakroom with no exceptions. This room is locked when students leave so that purses are secure.
  • No photography is allowed in the Gallery, but is permitted in the Studio.
  • No cell phones!
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Gallery spaces (this includes gum).
  • Horseplay, running and shouting are not tolerated.
  • Pencils only in the exhibition spaces – no pens, coloured pencils or markers.
Suggested Activities:
Classroom discussion about artwork – Why Aren’t We Allowed to Touch?

"Did you know that a single fingerprint contains a variety of salts and oils that can damage a work of art? Accumulated salts and oils will stain wood, stone, paper and fabric, discolour paint and mar metal finishes. Fingernails, rings and even the lightest pressure from a touch can lead to loss and damage."

Start with a clean glass or window, and ask your class for a student who thinks their hands are clean to touch the glass or window and then look to see what has happened. You should see fingerprints left behind. Or pass a clean, clear object around the classroom. Once everyone has held it, look to see how clean it is (or isn’t).

Getting Everyone’s Attention Without Yelling
Many teachers have their own fun ways of getting students’ attention without yelling over everyone else. Sometimes, a teacher will stand with their hand up. When the students see this they know to stop talking and raise their hand too. Once everyone’s hand is up, the class is quiet and the teacher can speak. Here at the Gallery, some of our Artist-Instructors clap a pattern of beats that the students repeat. Once everyone is listening and is able to repeat the pattern, the class is ready to continue.

What do you do to get your class’s attention? We’d love to hear it and to see it in action with your class. If you don’t already have this kind of activity in place in your class, try to think of one and share it with us!

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School programs

The AGH Education Department strives to create interactive and dynamic programs for seniors, adults, teens and children that encourage creative, intellectual and imaginative growth.

There are many events happening around the Gallery. Find out what there is to do and see organized by date.
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