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AGH Art Rental + Sales

AGH Art Rental + Sales promotes the work of contemporary Canadian artists, particularly those of the Golden Horseshoe area. Offering prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography by both established and emerging talents, each work is selected by a panel of experts after a semi-annual call for entry.

Art Rental + Sales enable individuals and corporate clients to enjoy original works of art at an affordable cost. For potential buyers, the service is an opportunity to live with a work before committing to a final purchase. For corporate clients, Art Rental is a way to enhance the work environment while avoiding the outlay required for a purchase (rental fees are considered a tax-deductible expense; purchased Canadian art is also appreciable as a business expense). For the featured artists, AGH Art Rental + Sales act as an important showcase for their work. Contact us for more information.

The history behind AR+S
"Picture Rental", as the program was termed when it was established in 1955, was brought together by the AGH Women’s Auxiliary (now the Volunteer Committee) in the hopes of encouraging public interest in Canadian art, aiding both artists and the Gallery’s permanent collection with a source of income. The service was open only once per month and was run solely by a group of volunteers. ‘Picture Rental’ was a daring endeavour and the AGH was one of only five art museums to have such a service in North America, and the only one of its kind in Canada!

By the 1970s, the Art Rental service was open more frequently and hosted annual art sales called "The Hang-Ups", boasting such artists from the art rental collection as Harold Town, Jack Bush, Riopelle and Norval Morriseau, among others. The program’s initiative proved to be successful not only in introducing these now iconic Canadian artists to the general public, but also in making these works of art accessible to view, rent or purchase.

Today, the Art Rental + Sales, run in conjunction with the Shop at AGH, is a service open six days a week to the public and to corporate clients for the rental or sale of contemporary Canadian art work. The diverse collection features over 750 works by more than 200 artists and continues to grow with new talent, particularly from the local area. The Art Rental + Sales program returns over $150,000 annually to participating artists and in turn to the local artist community. With this, Art Rental + Sales remains true to its original goal of introducing and supporting our artists.



For more information,
please contact our
AR+S Senior Consultant,
Sarah Beatty-Russell

905-527-6610 x224