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Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden 

Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden

Photography by Mike Lalich.

The Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden

Irving Zucker (1920-2002) loved art. He talked endlessly about it, surrounded himself with it, and believed in its power to inspire and provide pleasure. His enthusiasm for art was unbridled and his playful, down-to-earth nature guided his collecting instincts. He made no distinction between regional, national and international artists and their work; if a painting or sculpture moved him or simply made him happy, he wanted to live with it, to have it at hand. This level of commitment to art is rare, but then Irving Zucker was an exceptional man.

His passion for art was also something he shared, having been made a Member of the Order of Canada in the field of philanthropy in 1997. In 1990, Irving donated major works by Canadian painter Jean-Paul Riopelle and British sculptor Lynn Chadwick to the Art Gallery of Hamilton; this gift elevated the stature of the Gallery’s Canadian and International holdings and set in motion a sustained relationship between the collector and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Over the course of the next twelve years, Irving would gift over one hundred works to the AGH, including major pieces by Joyce Wieland and Michael Snow, Alexander Archipenko, Fernand Botero, Elisabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth, and Ron Martin.

Many of the sculptures that surround you in the Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden were gifts from this important Hamilton philanthropist. The beautification of this garden and, by extension, Hamilton’s downtown core would have pleased Irving immensely. We are grateful to him and his children Suzy, Martin and David who, following in their father’s footsteps, have allowed us to realize this truly special space, the Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden.


Photo: Mike Lalich. Peter Hide
Centrepiece   1990
Art Gallery of Hamilton, Gift of the artist, 2008

Peter Hide is one of the world’s foremost practitioners of welded-steel sculpture. His work is informed by the distinct modernist aesthetic born from a tradition led by Anthony Caro. His sculptures recall the monolith as well as early cubist collage sculptures, like those of Pablo Picasso.

Centrepiece resembles a human figure standing contrapposto, a pose both majestic and relaxed. Composed of found pieces of steel, the suggestive elements are integrated with and informed by the work’s materiality. This is the first piece by Peter Hide to enter the AGH collection.

Photo: Mike Lalich. Lynn Chadwick (English 1914-2003)
Two Seated Figures   1973
Bronze diptych
ed. 3/6
Gift of Irving Zucker, 1991

Photo: Mike Lalich. Lynn Chadwick (English 1914-2003)
Cloaked Couple I   1977
Bronze diptych
ed. 4/8
Gift of Irving Zucker, 1991

Photo: Mike Lalich. Barbara Hepworth (English 1903-1975)
Hollow Form with Inner Form   1968
ed. 1/6
Gift of Irving Zucker, 1991

Photo: Mike Lalich. Augustin Filipovic (Canadian b. Croatia 1931)
untitled    c. 1967-68
Gift of Irving Zucker, 1991

Photo: Mike Lalich. Francisco Zuniga (Mexican b. Costa Rica 1912 - 1998)
Yucateca   1976
ed. 1/5
Gift of Irving Zucker, 1991

Photo: Mike Lalich. John McEwen (Canadian b. 1945)
Breath   1995
steel, photographic lightbox, mixed media
Purchased with funds from the Walter N. Duncan Gordon Charitable Foundation and matching funds from the Canada Council, 1996

Kosso Eloul (Canadian 1920-1995)
Canadac    1977
Fabricated wrought Stelcalloy
Purchased from A Sculpture for Hamilton Competition, 1977

Photo: Mike Lalich. Sorel Etrog (Canadian b. Romania 1933)
The Source   1964
ed. 4/5
Gift of Irving Zucker, 2002

Photo: Mike Lalich. Leo Mol (Canadian b. Ukraine 1915)
Dream   1974
ed. 9/10
Gift from The Friends of Stephanie Committee, UCPBA, 1995

Photo: Mike Lalich. Giuseppe Pierotti (Italian 19th century, active after 1870)
American Indian Attacked by a Boa Constrictor    after 1870
The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Collection, 2002

Photo: Mike Lalich. Jef Lambeaux (Belgian 1852-1908)
The Murder    1905
The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Collection, 2002

Photo: Mike Lalich. Keith Haring (American 1958-1990)
Self Portrait   1989
ed. 2/3
Painted steel
The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Collection, 2002

Douglas Bentham (Canadian b.1947)
Portal   2006-7
stainless steel
part I: 229.0 x 61.0 x 46.0 cm
partII: 229.0 x 66.0 x 51.0
On extended loan from Martin Zucker, 2008; to be gifted in 2011



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