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Beyond the Crease: Ken Danby
Begins October 22, 2016
Official opening Sunday October 23, 2016


Ken Danby was one of Canada’s foremost practitioners of contemporary realism. Presented on the eve of the 10th anniversary of his death, this exhibition brings together, for the first time, more than 70 significant works from private and public collections. At the Crease, a 1972 egg tempera painting depicting a nameless hockey goalie viewed from ice level, was his best-known work; and for many, it defined him as an artist. Ken Danby’s career extended far beyond that one defining work.

Spanning four decades of Danby’s remarkable career as an accomplished realist painter, watercolourist, printmaker, and commercial artist, the works demonstrate the range of an important artist from this region who lent visual form to familiar Canadian icons and ideals. Visitors will encounter familiar works: Pancho, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Tim Horton, among others. Other works will prove a revelation, further revealing Danby’s skills as a superior draughtsman and rigorous technician through his quiet, evocative style.

Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and a long-time Guelph resident, his practice reflects a profound link to the broader Canadian landscape and psyche. Whether through his passions for music, sports or the land, his Canadian-ness - sense of place and unique lens - is also undoubtedly linked to the country’s emerging confidence and nationalism of the period, his work forever part of Canadian iconography.

Co-curated by McMaster University’s Dr. Ihor Holubizky and the AGH, and presented in tandem with
the Guelph Civic Museum, the exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour 160-page publication. The book includes two perceptive essays by Ihor Holubizky and Greg McKee, as well as Danby’s own words from an unpublished memoir, and a celebrated interview with former AGH Curator, Andrew J. Oko, which together offer fresh insight into the origins of Danby’s work and its enduring significance. In addition to the works on display, the exhibition will include screenings of a documentary about the artist by his eldest son, documentary filmmaker Sean Danby.

Presented by:

Last Folio: Yuri Dojc

Begins October 22, 2016
Official opening Sunday October 23, 2016
Curated by Melissa Bennett, Curator of Contemporary Art


Time had stood still since 1942 in a small Jewish village in Slovakia, until nearly 10 years ago when Canadian photographer Yuri Dojc returned to visit his family’s former home. On the eve of World War II, many of the villagers had fled, and those remaining were taken away to concentration camps. Serendipity led Dojc, along with a documentary film team to the local Jewish school, which had been locked since 1943. All the school books were still there, including essay notebooks with corrections, even the sugar was still in the cupboard. The decaying books, which were lying on dusty shelves, the last witnesses of a once thriving culture, are treated by Dojc like the survivors they are, each one captured as a portrait, preserved in their final beauty, silent witnesses to the horrors of history.

The images in Last Folio are a last memento of the culture and people who used those books. Most of them are forgotten, they don’t have relatives or graves. I tried to memorialize them. This is not a documentary but my personal salute to a vanished culture and a vanished people.

"These images absorb me totally. They represent more than what I saw that first day" - Yuri Dojc

The Living Room: Subject, Object, Verb

Begins October 15, 2016 to May 21, 2017

The Living Room is the name for a new interactive, evolving installation in the Young Gallery, situated on the main level of the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Meant to loosely replicate the function of a family living room (comfortable seating, reading material, music, screens, toys, etc.) the space will be re-invigorated and re-imagined throughout the year.

Subject. Object. Verb is the title given to the Living Room’s first manifestation. The exhibition will be anchored by a selection of photographs from Canadian artist Susan Kealey, whose work frequently contemplates the significance of the tiniest, seemingly most insubstantial of everyday objects. Hamilton writer, poet and author Gary Barwin has designed an interactive response to these pictures. Visitors will be invited to include their own objects as part of the exhibition, filling a large shelf mounted on the wall. They can also use a set of vintage, sound-enhanced typewriters to document their own memories, particularly those connected to objects. The collected pages will be mounted and bound into a book. The book will be used for a series of public readings.

Public Reading
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The Jean and Ross Fischer Gallery
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